Imbabala Safari Lodge – Your Family Getaway


Imbabala Zambezi Safari Lodge – Your Ideal Family Getaway

Imbabala Zambezi Safari Lodge has been peacefully planted within the jaws of the wilderness. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you may miss this natural oasis that erupts between the navy stretch of the Zambezi River and the towering trees in the National Park. The lounge and dining area have been designed to complement the easy flow of nature. From the open plan area, one can survey the a mosaic of green and brown trees flung like a duvet across the landscape, interrupted only by the shimmering snake of the Zambezi. ele-cooling-off

The natural hues of the chalets blends in seamlessly with their environment. There is enough space between each room to ensure an intimate yet private family vacation. A hammock swings lazily in the breeze on each verandah, the perfect location to peacefully observe the grazing warthogs and impala, or recline with a book.

A wooden decks sits proudly on the green lawn, and once the sun has set and the fire has been lit, family and friends are drawn to the crackling flames. The gentle calls of the preying night owls mingle with guests laughter, as there is no place more heavenly on earth than around the glowing embers beneath a carpet of stars. In the afternoon, when the African sun beats down, a table laden with iced tea, coffee, scones and cakes is set up from the lawn where guests can share stories while they plan the next activity.


The camp is a stone’s throw away from the Zambezi, and there is nothing more relaxing that soaking up the sun in the refreshing oval swimming pool whilst watching the shards of light dance across the surface of the river. A gin and tonic or icy Zambezi Lager in hand completes the the picture wonderfully. Between the pool and the expansive green lawns that beg to be run around on, Imbabala is a childs paradise. Once the sun has set and stars flood the sky, the hippo enjoy the luscious green grass as much as children do, grazing peacefully by moonlight. Their tracks can be seen dotted in the sand as they wear a path between the water and the grass. In the late afternoon, guests follow this same path to the waters edge where a pontoon and cooler box await. The river is a source of water for a multitude of animals, and as the boat leisurely explores the channel, a diversity of buck can be seen grazing, keeping an inquisitive eye on the boat. Crocodiles stretch out on the sun soaked rocks, so comfortable in the warmth of their spot that the rarely even register the boat as it glides by just meters away. However, the hippo are not only interested in the guests, but seem determined to show off for their spectators. A grunt and a snort will catch your attention, but their gaping mouths will hold it.

Game drives at sunrise and sunset reveal further hidden treasures of the National Park as guests accompanied by an experienced guide explore further away from the river. A Land Rover takes passengers beneath a canopy of trees along a bumpy road that s frequented by more wildlife than vehicles. Lion, elephant, zebra, and kudu are just a few of the possible sighting while on these trips. The game drive rumbles to a stop in the embrace of nature, so that guests can climb out to marvel at the setting sun.

Dinner is served in the lounge area, and though you are tucked beneath the thatch roof, the night air breezes through the open space, carrying the murmers of the bush. Large dining tables are laid out so the whole family can sit together and enjoy a delicious meal, garnished with herbs from the camps vegetable garden. imbabala-family-fun

There are very few places that manage to strike a balance between the excitement of adventure and the relaxing quality time that families need. However, this is exactly what Imbabala promises, and it is this unique balance that makes the safari camp your ideal family getaway.

Written by Jess White


Zimbabwe Revised Visa Regime

Zimbabwe Visa

Zimbabwe Revised Visa Regime

16 Feb 2018 – The Government of Zimbabwe has announced a revised visa regime which will see 29 countries being moved from Category C to Category B.

The Zimbabwe Visa Category B regime entails that tourists may be issued with visa on arrival while Category C requires tourists to obtain the visa before travelling.

The 29 countries moved from category C to B include India, Mexico, Romania, and Panama – Please find full details here.

Wild Horizons, Chief Marketing Officer Shane White commented “We welcome the Visa Regime Revisions and look forward to the positive effects the changes will undoubtedly have on tourism in Zimbabwe”.

New Accommodation Old Drift Lodge

Wild Horizons is proud to introduce Old Drift Lodge, an extraordinary new luxury tented lodge on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River at Victoria Falls. Old Drift Lodge is a bush paradise that exudes an old world charm, admits modern luxuries, and is a symbol of the harmonic existence that can be achieved between man and nature. The lodge is expected to open 23 April 2018.

Old Drift Lodge, speaks to the rich heritage of the area. A ‘drift or ‘ford’, is a shallow place in a river or stream where it is possible to cross safely without using a boat. Around 1898, the Old Drift was used as a crossing point over the Zambezi River between what was then Southern and Northern Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe and Zambia). The site swiftly became the busiest crossing point of this period as supplies were ferried and cattle swum to the opposite bank. The rustic settlement of Old Drift was eventually abandoned as settlers relocated and the town of Victoria Falls began to transform into the adventure destination it is today. While the rest of the world moved forward, Old Drift was reclaimed by nature and returned to its original state. Trees took the place of the buildings, wildlife replaced the people, and in the pristine National Park, the Zambezi River was the only traveler to watch the changes take place. The soil upon which this lodge is built has been fertilized by a history of hard work and innovation.

Old Drift Lodge offers family friendly accommodation, with each air-conditioned suite decorated with stylish furnishings, fitting of a bygone era, which blend in seamlessly with the natural environment. The spacious canvas suites all have a private lounge, indoor and outdoor showers, plunge pool and an outdoor bath overlooking the Zambezi River. Guests will be accommodated in 10 double suites and 4 family suites.

 The main lodge area has 360 degree views, north facing onto the Zambezi & south facing onto a water hole. Old Drift Lodge is an environmentally friendly property with a strong focus on keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Transfers to and from the lodge are by luxury cruise boat and take approximately 15 minutes from Victoria Falls. Activities offered at Old Drift Lodge emphasize the rich natural environment, focusing on the abundance of wildlife that roams through the Park and swims the Zambezi River. The Zambezi National Park can be explored by road, river or on foot, satisfying guests needs to experience every aspect of this natural utopia. A mere 4.5 kilometres from the town of Victoria Falls, Old Drift Lodge guests remain in close range to the variety of attractions and activities that the town has to offer.